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Bathroom Revamp Christchurch

Our Christchurch client, James, wanted to completely renovate his bathroom which was in a poor state. With an old shower over bath, vanity and no toilet, he wanted an overhaul so that the one room would have everything he needed. 

This saw our team enlisting the help of a draughtsman early on to meet consent requirements for the new toilet, which was a must-have, and in this case, we were actually able to get a council exemption for consent which sped the whole process up by around 6 weeks. 

James was also very keen on having a tiled wet floor shower, however, with a set budget in mind that wouldn't cover both that and the draughtsman, we worked with him to come up with an aesthetically pleasing alternative. Our consultant recommended a larger cubicle shower with a rounded face to ensure he got the space he wanted and that looked great, all within his budget. He is very happy with the results. 

This project was within a mid-range budget, which saw us using options from our Better range. To find out more about options in our Good, Better and Best ranges for bathrooms, try our tool.