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How long will it take to get my renovation done?

The bigger the project the longer that the renovation will take, so it really depends on what you're wanting to do. For a bathroom renovation, we normally recommend allowing for 10 to 14 working days from start to finish. Anything outside of this we will talk through with you at your in-home consult.

What else should I consider when doing a renovation?

If you're going to be changing or relining walls, it makes sense to also think about what's behind them. Insulation can make your home drier, warmer and healthier and is best to add when the gib is off. It's often a good time to consider updating, adding or moving electrical fittings.

Do I get to choose fixtures, fittings and finishes?

Yes indeed! It's your house and your project. We will of course help you with ideas where you get stuck and point you in the right direction. We will price up and complete any renovation that you can dream of, making it totally bespoke to you. 

Will I need a building consent or professional plans drawn up?

Most of the time if your renovation is non-structural you won’t require plans or a building consent. There are a few exceptions to this, however, such as if you're adding extra waste to a bathroom or changing the purpose of a room, eg. converting a bedroom into a bathroom or a laundry. Our renovation consultants will be able to answer any specific questions you have and help you through the planning and council consent process if required.

What are your payment Terms?

When you accept our quote for your project we will invoice you for 25% of the value to cover the upfront costs of materials, fittings, fixtures and the time to organise the various trades involved. The balance is invoiced on completion when you're happy with the result!


Why should I use Renovate It?

Unlike a lot of builders who do renovations, but whose core focus is new homes, commercial carpentry or general maintenance, we are true specialists in renovations. Your home is one of the most valuable assets you'll ever have in your life, so, it makes sense to entrust your renovation with a company who specialises in renovations and doesn't just do them on the side.

We have developed industry-leading systems and processes for renovations and we put you at the forefront of everything that we do. With over 60 tradespeople in our team and preferred suppliers and subcontractors who are all used to working together, you can be assured that your renovation will run smoothly.

Can I project manage my own renovation?

Yes, you can, however, project managing a renovation is a major undertaking, sometimes bigger than people expect. We believe your renovation will go a lot smoother and is more likely to run to time and budget if we project manage it. And because our quotes are fixed, what we quote for is what you'll pay, guaranteed.

Can I purchase my own fixtures and fittings and just have you install them?

When we purchase items for you, we ensure that we get good quality products at a great price.
And while there shouldn't be any issues through going with us, in the unlikely event that there are, you are able to simply come straight back to us about it and we will take care of it, either by fixing the issue or replacing it, no questions asked. This isn't something that can be guaranteed when you go it alone. 

If you do still want to supply the products yourself, talk to us and we can work with you on options. 

Are your quotes fixed priced?

Yes, unless stated otherwise, our quotes are all fixed. This means you know exactly what has been allowed for and what has not. The only time this may change is if there are serious issues behind the walls which we can’t see when we complete the site visit. This will always be clearly explained to you and added as exclusions on your quote.

What is a PC or Provisional Sum?

Sometimes we don’t have the exact cost from a supplier or the council so we will make our best guess as to what it will cost and make an allowance for it in your quote. This often happens if you are after a quick turn around with your quote.

Not to worry though! When we get the actual cost for the item we will disclose this to you with a copy of the actual invoice or quote, and differences up or down will either be added or subtracted. Complete transparency is important to us.   

Will the bathrooms improve my water pressure?

The bathroom fittings we have allowed for are for mains pressure systems. If you have low pressure, we can recommend different fittings which will improve pressure but if you really want to improve it, it's likely you will need to upgrade your Hot Water Cylinder system to either gas or a more modern cylinder. As an indication, this is likely to cost an extra $2,000 - $3,000.

What is your building process?

We take care of your whole renovation project, from quoting to completion. Find a full breakdown of our process here