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What to expect during your bathroom renovation

Date: 14 December 2017

Expect to improvise

Your normal routine will have to change and it may have to change on a daily basis depending on progress and your interim bathroom plans.

Expect to be inconvenienced

If you have more than one bathroom in your home you’re in luck, you should be able to maintain a functioning toilet and faucet during the renovation of the other bathroom. If not, or if you have to shut the water off for an extended period, consider alternative accommodation; stay with someone or book alternative accommodation.

Expect mess

Thankfully this is temporary; you will simply have to learn live with it for the duration of the project. Often the bulk of the mess is only in the initial stages when old fixtures are being removed. If you’ve hired a contractor, ask if they can put up a plastic zip wall or something similar to contain the mess as much as possible.

Expect noise

Hammers, nail guns, saws etc. It’s all part of the experience and if you’re not home during the day it’s probably not going to be an issue. 

Expect no privacy

You’ll have strangers in your house. Even when you’re at work during the day, it can be a weird feeling knowing someone is in your house while you’re not there.

Expect highs and lows

At first it’s exciting, seeing the old bathroom removed makes the vision just that much more real. But there will also be times when you’re totally over it! Even if it’s only a week-long project, the dust, noise, workers and disruption will be annoying on some level.

Expect to have to make decisions

Even the best plans can change and you might be required to make decisions as the renovation progresses, like where power outlets should go or how high you want the showerhead. Make them as quickly as you can because any delays could end up costing you more in labour.

Expect the unexpected

Change can happen at any time; it could be that a product you ordered isn’t in stock and you have to pick something else.

Or it could be damage is revealed when the existing bathroom features are removed. Its very common to find water-damaged floorboards when the existing flooring is removed, especially if the house is older; this may also mean your pipes need upgrading too. Make sure you have contingency in your budget for repair work.

Be aware that if this happens and your project required building consent, changes may require official sign off. This would be one of the aforementioned ‘lows’. Hang in there, the end result will be so worth it!

Expect a great result

When you choose Renovate It for your renovation you can expect your dedicated project manager to keep you in the loop throughout the project and ensure it comes in on time and within budget. And you can expect quality workmanship as all our tradesmen - plumbers, electricians, painters and builders – are all qualified and registered. Get in touch to discuss your project today.