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Smart ideas for small bathrooms

Date: 18 July 2018

No bath

Tubs take up so much space. If you really must have one, get one that has the shower overtop. 

Lose the shower curtain

Following on from above, if you have a show/bath combo, swapping the shower curtain for a frameless glass panel does wonders to make the space feel roomier.

Trayless/walk-in shower

By eliminating the shower tray you can continute your flooring from the shower throughout the rest of the bathroom, making the room bigger than it really is.

Wall mounted toilet

This will require space in the walls to build in the cistern but it saves on floor space and adds legroom. 

Wall mounted vanity

Like a wall mounted toilet, a wall mounted vanity saves on floor space. If you don’t need much storage in the bathroom you could even just go for a wall mounted basin and with some well-placed shelving nearby. 

Sliding door

If possible, install a door that slides into or against the wall instead of one that swings open into the room. 

Think up, not out

Walls offer ample storage opportunities. Floating shelves or rails with hanging baskets on the wall makes space for plenty of things.

If you don’t want a small cabinet for medicines etc. opt for one with a mirrored front to help create the illusion of more space. 

And don’t forget about the back of the door, a great place for a towel bar or hooks. 

Mirror walls

The bathroom needs a mirror anyway so why not make a feature of it. Dedicate a whole wall, or at least a significant portion of it to a mirror and you could effectively double the size…in appearance anyway. Another little tip – it’s also a way to get more out of your lighting as it reflects back on the opposite surface.  

Dark floors with light walls

Be strategic with your use of colour. Pair light walls with a darker floor to draw the eye upwards.

Accent wall

Adding an accent wall is a surefire way to bring depth to a small bathroom. It also adds colour and interest. Just keep the rest of the walls simple and light coloured.  

Natural light

Light is a small space’s saviour. If your bathroom has a window don’t let it be obstructed. If you’re looking for privacy consider frosted glass or a blind that can be retracted right up. 

Keep it functional

If it’s small, it’s best you don’t get too decorative; leave the knick knacks for other rooms and use your shelving to house things that need to be in the bathroom. 


There’s plenty can be done to make even a tiny bathroom a lovely place to be. If you’re considering renovating your small bathroom, download our free planning guide.