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Partnering with Switched On for Architectural Builds

Date: 13 February 2017

Renovate It is part of the Switched On Group. We've created Renovate It to better serve the needs of our residential customers by making home renovations even easier. Before Renovate It, we helped customers realise their home renovation dreams through our company Switched On, under which time we won multiple awards.

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Part of the Switched On mission is being a great partner, not only to homeowners but to the range of industry professionals that are involved in all kinds of construction from new builds and renovations to repairs and everything in between. We have the pleasure of working with many such professionals who each bring their specific expertise to make for beautifully accomplished building projects.

Long-Term Design and Build Partnerships

The Switched On team has developed strong partnerships with a number of skilled architects to deliver the most accurate concrete representations of their work. From repairs to new builds, our recognised architectural builders deliver top quality projects every time. We have nurtured these partnerships and are always looking to establish and to develop new relationships to design and build house plans, school plans, and commercial building plans ever more efficiently and adeptly. We expand and strengthen these partnerships to be able to continually provide for all our clients the careful management of each project from start to finish. We go out of our way to offer expert teams with the experience and qualifications to control all the complexities involved and ensure that the finished product is never anything short of first class.

Client-Oriented Teamwork

With our partners, we believe that a building is not just a structure but a special space where people can work and live better. It is our vision to make our clients’ dreams a reality, to create the perfect spaces that function as essential support systems and contribute to improving life for all who use them. We keep it this way by maintaining focus on what they want and helping them to thresh out the facility plans, house plans, and all the aspects of these spaces, both inside and out, to come up with the perfect balance of form, function and fabulous features.

Smiles on Every Project

We have developed a process founded on mutual respect and cooperation with our architect partners. Together, we create a fusion of beauty, functionality and structural integrity. 

It does not matter whether the job is a simple home addition, a comprehensive shop remodel, or a brand-new school building from concept to reality. The reason and result of our partnerships is a space that is uniquely tailored to the site, and to the specific tastes and concerns of our clients. We work with architects who have license and expertise with a wide range of office, commercial, and home plans, and we select the best-suited team of repair, renovation or new home builders to join forces as a consummate team.

Our team of architectural builders has to date worked across a variety of school projects, home extensions, house plans for new builds, shop fit-outs, and much more. Switched On has earned a name in the industry because we have always respected and recognised the complex nuances of each structure as a special space. We are known both as accomplished new home builders and savvy renovations pros. The praise that we value the most, however, are the smiles that we receive on each client visit, especially that final bright expression when the job is complete. 

If you're interested in partnering with us, speak to us today.